Kids Yoga

Why should yoga be accessible to all children? Yoga helps children in all areas of their lives. The poses work by engaging the whole body and mind with movements that incorporate a variety of learning styles such as visual, kinesthetic, musical and intuitive. By providing students with physical movement that focuses on spine health, systems function optimally through better posture. When the focus shifts to the breathe, the mind clears and concentration is enhanced. This provides an optimal environment for learning. Stress and anxiety decreases, any head tension eases allowing the way for calmness, centering and self acceptance and expression.

Kids Yoga Night (Ages 7-10) ~ Go grab a drink or some coffee at the end of a long week while your kiddos get blissfully bendy! This yoga class for 6 to 10 year olds marks a transition from yoga as play to yoga as a dedicated (but still playful) practice. Now kids can really start to fly – upside down and in their minds! A variety of mindfulness practices and breathing techniques will be taught, in addition to more complex asanas. By the end of the series, your growing yogis will be flowing through their own unique vinyasas! Some prior yoga experience is helpful, but not required.

Young Yogis (Ages 3-6) ~ Kids are natural yogis, and this class will help them to cultivate body-awareness and self-esteem. Through yoga stories, imaginative stories, and cooperative games, kids ages 3-6 will develop strength, flexibility, and compassion. All types of asanas will be introduced, as well as very basic mindfulness practices, so that these young yogis experience a deeper awareness of their breath and learn the foundations of focusing the mind. No yoga experience is necessary.