Saturday, October 19th – 4 pm to 6:30 pm

Cirque du Yoga – Partner Yoga, Thai Massage, and Acrobatics – Open to All Levels 
Price per Person: $25…. Pair:  $50

cirque_du_yoga-1Cirque du Yoga is a blend of partner yoga, Thai massage, traditional Hatha yoga and acrobatics, with a strong focus on trust, communication, LAUGHTER, community and gratitude! It looks a lot different than a traditional yoga class, but it is still very much yoga. Although it is a group practice rather than a solitary one, we can still use it to bring us the gifts that are at the heart of traditional yoga – unity, peace, health and, ultimately, enlightenment. In our world of ever-increasing division, of “us and them” everywhere we look, Cirque du Yoga is a place to find “we”.

In this workshop, April and Amanda will lead you through trust exercises and partner stretches, then teach you partner Sun Salutations. We will work on counterbalances and some flying, for those who are ready, as well as some other challenging acrobatic moves. The bulk of the class is high energy and lots of fun, and then we end with Thai massage, group stretching and a short guided meditation.

You will leave with a better understanding of your body and your balance, as well as your communication style and needs. Come ready to dive in!